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Environmental Monitoring

With the increased focus on the effects of climate change on the environment, there has been a global effort to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that cause them. There is a growing need to measure and monitor the environment. From monitoring the integrity of soil, water, and air to regulating the amount of chemicals large production facilities emit into the environment, hardware and software tools from National Instruments help you build customizable systems to meet your monitoring needs. From the factory floor to the forest canopy, industrial-grade programmable automation controllers (PACs) can be distributed in harsh environments and deliver data-logging, analysis, and measurement capabilities.

Emissions Monitoring

With NI PACs you not only can monitor and log emissions data but also use their advanced analysis and communication capabilities to incorporate intelligent control in your applications, which increases overall system efficiency. Discover how you can use these stand-alone deployment systems to automate monitoring, calibration, and maintenance.

Water Monitoring

NI distributed I/O systems provide your water monitoring applications with industrial-grade ruggedness and flexibility to connect to virtually any sensor. You can deploy NI software and hardware in environments ranging from dusty crop fields to nuclear power plants to the open seas.

System and Process Monitoring

NI tools can help you monitor system conditions and processes to protect against environment hazards. NI embedded controllers have real-time analysis capabilities to quickly alert you about and control hazardous situations before they reach critical levels.