GPS Receiver Test

Developing a Software-Based GNSS Receiver With High-Speed Recording Capabilities

Mark Petovello
University of Calgary

"We used the configurability and high-speed streaming to disk capabilities of the vector signal analyzer equipment to collect all available GNSS signals and expect it to work for future signals as well."

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National Instruments provides flexible software and modular RF hardware that are ideal for the design and test of global positioning system (GPS) receivers. You can use these tools to generate coarse acquisition (C/A) codes in the L1 band and perform measurements such as sensitivity, time to first fix (TTFF), and position and tracking accuracy. The benefits of using NI GPS simulation tools include the following:

- Low-cost, 24-hour simulation of up to 12 satellites simultaneously

- Custom motion trajectories and adjustable satellite power levels for scenario-specific test

- Multiple wireless protocol test with software-defined instrumentation

- Record and playback of up to 25 hours of live GPS signals

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As more devices across different industries incorporate GPS receivers, more engineers require GPS simulation capabilities. Graphical software tools from NI can help improve your testing methodology, deliver flexible design validation, and accurately produce real-world simulations.

RF Record and Playback System

National Instruments offers flexible software tools and modular RF instrumentation for testing global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers.

  • Record GPS, Glonass, and Galileo signals off the air
  • Configure up to three channels for L1, L2, and L5 bands

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Benefits of Using NI

  • Industry-leading measurement speed
  • Flexible, software-defined platform for testing multiple standards with the same hardware
  • Lower cost than other instruments of comparable accuracy

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