What Is VirtualBench?

5 Benchtop Instruments. 1 Unified Interface.

By combining the most essential instruments into one device and integrating with PCs and iPads, the VirtualBench all-in-one instrument is simple and convenient and results in more efficient circuit design, debugging, and validation.

  • Instruments Included
  • 1. Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope With Protocol Analysis
  • 2. Function Generator
  • 3. Digital I/O
  • 4. Programmable DC Power Supply
  • 5. Digital Multimeter
  • Software and Connectivity
  • Applications for Windows PC and iPad
  • USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connectivity

Easy Access to the Instruments You Need

Reduce Clutter and Save Space

VirtualBench takes up less space on your bench and is easily portable using an optional carrying case.

Connect Wirelessly and Detach Your Display

Enjoy the freedom to move your display wherever you want. Connect through an existing WiFi network or directly to a network hosted by VirtualBench.

One Unified Interface

See All Instruments Together on a Single Screen

Consolidate the user interface for each instrument into one consistent experience so you can view and interact with everything all at once.

Interact With Mouse and Multitouch Gestures

Streamline instrument configuration like never before. Use a mouse and scroll wheel on a PC or your fingers to pinch and zoom on an iPad.

Designed to Make Your Life Easier

Save Data or Screenshots in Seconds

Instantly document results by simply clicking or tapping a button to save screenshots and data to your iPad or PC.

Plug and Play With USB

Plug VirtualBench into a USB port and the software automatically loads on PCs with Windows AutoPlay. No prior driver installation is required.

Save and Share Configurations

Save instrument configuration to a file that you can share with colleagues or to the device for later reference.

Get Free App Updates

Ensure you always get the best experience possible with free updates. Receive alerts so you can access new features as they become available.

Automate With Ease

VirtualBench tightly integrates with LabVIEW software so you can easily build custom applications to programmatically control VirtualBench, reduce human errors in repetitive measurements, and save time.

Learn more about automating with LabVIEW

Are You an Educator?

Incorporate VirtualBench into a teaching lab so students can learn industry-relevant test methodologies and technologies using instrumentation that provides a more student-relevant user interface and creates more workspace for experiments.

Explore VirtualBench for teaching