NI RF and Wireless Products and Solutions


From high performance test systems for RFIC’s to prototyping next-generation wireless communication systems, National Instruments provides the hardware and software to meet measurement challenges while offering industry-leading performance and reaching the fastest test times.

Featured Items

RF and Wireless Test

NI RF and wireless test solutions span applications from mobile device testing to high-performance measurements at microwave frequencies.

Software Defined Radio

Software defined radio provides the design environment to rapidly prototype wireless communications systems.

RF Academy

Introducing RF Academy

Watch how-to videos and read in-depth application notes on measurement fundamentals, wireless, and RF hot topics.

RF Measurement Fundamentals

Watch tutorials or read in-depth application notes on the basics of RF measurement technology.

Wireless Standards

Learn about various wireless standards (WLAN, GSM, UMTS, and LTE/LTE-A) and common test practices.