Digitizer Example Programs

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NI-TClk Multidigitizer Synchronization
Learn how NI-TClk synchronization integrates the 10 MHz backplane clock, PXI trigger lines, and onboard trigger clock to synchronize measurements. In addition, see how it automatically configures using the three NI-TClk VIs. With a PXI arbitrary waveform generator, this program generates a sine wave. Then two PXI digitizers sample the signal. Finally, the program computes the phase and timing difference between the signals from the digitizers.
Mixed-Signal Scope Example Using NI-TClk
Explore how you can use NI-HSDIO and NI-SCOPE instrument drivers with NI-TClk to create a mixed-signal scope. With these examples, you can create N-channels of analog and digital inputs by simply adding resource names to an array. You also can trigger on either a pattern-matched digital signal or an analog edge.
Using an NI Digitizer for Frequency Counter Measurements
Discover how to use an NI high-speed digitizer to accurately and efficiently measure the frequency of a signal.

To use these Example Programs you need the NI LabVIEW Development Environment.  Download an evaluation version of LabVIEW.

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