NI Multisim Fundamental Circuits

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The NI Multisim Fundamental Circuits series presents many frequently used circuits and design topologies, essential in the understanding of electronics. These examples, for new or advanced users, provide a powerful starting point to building a library of circuits showcasing various components, designs, and the power of interactive SPICE simulation and analyses. Divided into seven chapters consisting of RLC, diode, transistor, amplifier, opamp, filter, and miscellaneous circuits, groups of circuits can be downloaded. Each circuit is documented to indicate the illustrated design concept.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: RLC Circuits


Chapter 1 provides a number of detailed and documented circuits investigating basic electronics laws and passive component designs with interactive SPICE simulation.

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Chapter 2: Diodes


Chapter 2 provides examples of diode and Zener diode circuits. Topics covered include half and full rectifier circuits as well as voltage regulation.

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Chapter 3: Transistors


Chapter 3 focuses on transistor-based circuits. The detailed and documented examples include various PNP- and NPN-biased transistors.

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Chapter 4: Amplifiers


Chapter 4 investigates various amplifier designs with interactive SPICE simulation and analyses. The amplifier examples include both single and two stage designs.

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Chapter 5: Opamps


Chapter 5 examines a number of operational amplifier circuits with interactive SPICE simulation. Topics include inverting and non-inverting designs, as well as peak detectors.

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Chapter 6: Filters


Chapter 6 explores the concept of filter design with topics including low-pass, high-pass, Butterworth, and notch filters.

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Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Circuits


Chapter 7 studies a number of miscellaneous designs. Topics include transistor-to-transistor logic (TTL), oscillators, and filters.

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Customer Reviews
8 Reviews | Submit your review

no zip folder available - Aug 25, 2015

as mentioned in the pdf tutorial, there is no zip folder available

Intermediate Frequency Transformer - Mar 20, 2010

Could you please make some arrangement to make IF Transformers in Multism ?

 - Jul 10, 2009

it would be good if NI could include loudpseaker transducer models and microphone as these 2 devices are being used in many consumer products.

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