Practical Teaching Ideas with NI Multisim

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Practical Teaching Ideas is a collection of laboratories that implement elements of the NI Electronics Education platform such as Multisim and the NI ELVIS prototyping platform. The course was originally developed by Tracy Shields, an electrical engineer and experienced instructor from Toronto, Canada. Practical Teaching Ideas provides instructors with ready-made labs that can be used in their courses immediately. The labs cover common introductory and advanced concepts in electrical engineering from basic DC circuit analysis using Multimeters to sophisticated measurements with network analyzers.

The Practical Teaching Ideas may be used free of charge without restriction in an educational setting. These exercises, complete with lab procedures and questions, will reinforce important concepts, build student confidence and make the most of valuable lab time. These experiments can be given directly to students as lab exercises and also include suggestions as to other areas of possible use.

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Table of Contents

Topics Covered

Section 1 - Circuits and Thevenin’s Theorem
Section 2 - Oscilloscope and Filters Introduced with the Bode Plotter
Section 3 - Diodes
Section 4 - Transistors
Section 5 - Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
Section 6 - Operational Amplifiers
Section 7 - Thyristors and Switches
Section 8 - Digital Circuits
Section 9 - Analog and Digital Combinations
Section 10 - Radio Frequency Communication
Section 11 - Waveguides and the Network Analyzer
Section 12 - Student Evaluation and Pre-Labs


Download Contains

Full Lab Exercise Manual PDF

Multisim Circuit Files


Required Software

NI Multisim


Required Hardware




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Customer Reviews
5 Reviews | Submit your review

thankyou  - May 16, 2011

Just a thanks for taking the time to do this, there doesn't seem many books to accompany the software so this is a big help :)

  - Mar 27, 2011

Its very good software we can implement any circuit in this software,but few ICs like DS1669 and LM3915 STK amplifier series not present by the way software is nice..................

  - Nov 25, 2010

i like it . its a very easy and complicated software

  - Sep 10, 2010

It helped my students to understand basics of Electronics quickly.

interesting  - Oct 15, 2008

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