NI Multisim Fundamental Circuits Chapter 5: Opamps

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The NI Multisim Fundamental Circuits series presents many frequently used circuits and design topologies, essential in the understanding of electronics. These examples, for new or advanced users, provide a powerful starting point to building a library of circuits showcasing various components, designs, and the power of interactive SPICE simulation and analyses.

Divided into seven chapters consisting of RLC, diode, transistor, amplifier, opamp, filter, and miscellaneous circuits, groups of circuits can be downloaded. Each circuit is documented to indicate the illustrated design concept.

1. Chapter 5: Opamps


Chapter 5 of the NI Multisim Fundamental Circuits series investigates a number of operational amplifier circuits with interactive SPICE simulation. Topics include inverting and non-inverting designs, as well as peak detectors. Download the circuits in the zip file attached below.

The following circuits are available for download and use in NI Multisim 10 and above.

 047  Inverting Amplifier.ms10
 048  Inverting Amplifier with AC Input Signal.ms10
 049  Non-Inverting Amplifier.ms10
 050  Non-Inverting Opamp Circuit.ms10
 051  Opamp Comparator
 052  Bounded Comparator.ms10
 053  Double-Bounded Comparator.ms10
 054  Window Detector.ms10
 055  Schmitt Trigger.ms10
 056  Nonzero-Level Detector.ms10
 057  Inverting Postive- Voltage Detector.ms10
 058  Postive-Voltage Detector.ms10
 059  Inverting Adder.ms10
 060  Non-Inverting Adder.ms10
 061  Opamp Differentiator.ms10
 062  Basic Differential Amplifier.ms10
 063  Opamp Common-Mode Rejection.ms10
 064  Basic Differential Amplifier with Sensing Terminals.ms10
 065  Common-Mode Voltage Amplifier.ms10
 066 Triangular-Wave Generator.ms10
 067  Triangular-to-Sine-Wave Generator.ms10
 068  Dead-Zone Circuit with Negative Output.ms10
 069  Dead-Zone Circuit with Positive Output.ms10
 070  Bipolar Dead-Zone Circuit.ms10
 071  Peak Detector.ms10
 072  Precision Clipper.ms10
 073  Precision Full-Wave Rectifier.ms10
 074  Basic Shunt Regulator.ms10
 075  Basic Opamp Series Regulator.ms10
 076 Short Circuit or Overload Protection.ms10
 077  Current-to-Voltage Series Regulator.ms10
 078  Voltage Follower.ms10
 079  Digital-to-Analog Converter.ms10
 080  Servo Amplifier.ms10
 081 Subtractor.ms10
 083 Opamp Integrator.ms10
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