NI-CAN Loopback Test

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This document explains the procedure for performing a loopback test on NI-CAN devices.

1. Introduction

There is currently no loopback test available with the NI-CAN driver.  However, you can download the executable attached to this document and perform a loopback test on your NI-CAN devices. First, connect a non-terminated CAN cable between the 2 CAN ports which you want to test. It is recommended to test using a low baud rate (ie. 40,000 baud) to make sure that there are no termination issues.  

Once the two CAN ports are properly connected, you can launch the executable.  On the front panel, select the two CAN ports you want to test.  You can find the number of your CAN port in Measurement & Automation Explorer under Devices and Interfaces.



You can then click on the start button to begin the loopback test.  The Status text box will display the current status of the test.  This text will also provide some insight for troubleshooting in case of loopback test failure.  

Please note that this executable requires the NI-CAN driver available for download from the Drivers and Updates page.


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