MDF4 DataPlugin

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This DataPlugin supports reading / importing and writing / exporting of MDF (Measure Data Format) Version 4 formatted files.
The Measure Data Format (MDF) Version 4 is well-established in the automotive industry for recording and exchanging, and for post-measurement analysis. MDF4 files are used by eg. INCA® from ETAS, and by CANape® and other products from Vector.
Note: There is a second DataPlugin which supports MDF files up to version 3.2.
     Supported Features (Reading MDF4 Files):

  • Reads MDF4 files up to version 4.1.
  • Channels with data types #0-9 and #13-14
    [unsigned integer, signed integer (two’s complement), IEEE 754 floating-point format FLOAT (4 bytes), IEEE 754 floating-point format DOUBLE (8 bytes): with Big Endian (Motorola) or Little Endian (Intel) byte order, String (UTF-8, UTF16, ASCII), CANopen date, CANopen time]
  • Reads channels without values (length = 0).
  • Channel scaling with formula
  • Root property "hd_start_time", representing the start time of the measurement.
  • Ignores invalid block IDs.
  • Extracts XML information in the "description" property to create new properties, e.g. <CGcomment xmlns=""><TX>asdf</TX></CGcomment>
    Note: If you wish to deactivate this feature, please contact the DataPlugins team.
  • Supports channel-scaling based on formula expressions
  • Supports compressed channels
  • Supports long channels larger than int32.
  • Generates unique channel group names (optional). The group name is: "Group_"+ index +"_"+ cg_tx_acq_name
    Note: This feature is protected by a switch. Please register the uspMDF4_ugn.uri file on your computer to install an additional DataPlugin for this feature.
  • Non-Supported Features (Reading MDF4 Files):

    • Reads channels with CCBlock data types #9 (text to value tabular) and #10 (text to text tabular)
    • Reads channels with data type "Byte Array" (CN #10), "MIME sample"(CN #11) and "MIME stream" (CN #12)

    Supported Features (Writing MDF4 Files):

    • Writes MDF version 4.0 formatted files (MDF4 DataPlugin) or MDF version 4.1 formatted files (MDF4-Zip DataPlugin).
    • When writing MDF4 files, the first channel of a channel group is always the time channel ("master" or "virtual master").
    • All channels in a group have the same channel length.
    • A new time channel is created in a group with one single channel.
    • The read properties (see list) is written back to MDF4 except when:
      • Root.SortStatus is ignored. If read back, it is always "sorted".
      • Group.sortedgroup is ignored. If read back, it is always "sorted".
      • Channel.cn_type "variable length" is changed to "fixed length", the 1st channel is always "master" or "virtual master". If the other channels have these values, they are changed to "fixed length".
      • Writes back Assignment channels (enumeration) with Assignment properties.
    • The data is stored as Little Endian (Intel) or Big Endian (Motorola).
    • Saves other data types than eR64 please ask at for the related parameter.
    • There is a MDF4-zip DataPlguin registerd on the system to save MDF4 compressed bulk data blocks (DZBlock). The defautl "MDF4" DataPlugin do not save compressed bulk data blocks.

    Non-Supported Features (Writing MDF4 Files):

    • Data types other than eR64. (Switch - default is R64)
    • Little and Big Endian switch - now always Little Endian.
    • Text channels are ignored when writing MDF files.


    MDF4 files can contain bus log information. For more information, please refer to DIAdem Bus Log Converter.  


    This DataPlugin is available for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

    File Extension: *.MF4
    Direction: Read / Write
    Last Change: September 29, 2019 []
    Update Information:
    • Improved DZ Block Size for write performance  





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