NI SoftMotion Axis Interface Example for NI R Series and Multi-Axis Servo Control

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Attached is an example demonstrating a scalable approach to multi-axis motion using NI R Series and NI SoftMotion to control multiple servo drives.

Prior axis interface examples for NI R Series cards did not provide a scalable approach to multi-axis motion control.  They only provided code for a single axis.  Creating copies of this code for additional axes is inefficient and consumes all available FPGA space after only 3 axes.

The attached example provides a starting point for controlling four servo axes (or any drive that accepts an analog control signal) and can be modified to accept additional axes with minimal impact on FPGA space.

Though the code is commented, it is recommended that the user have prior experience with NI SoftMotion and NI LabVIEW FPGA.  Please see the LabVIEW help for introductory information before implementing the attached multi-axis interface example.

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SoftMotion Multi-Axis R Series



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