HDF5_Example DataPlugin

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This DataPlugin supports reading / importing of HDF5 files.

The HDF5_Example DataPlugin maps HDF5 data to the TDM model.
This example shows how to browse the HDF5 file structure recursively and creates the necessary ChannelGroups and Channels. Adapt and extend this example to map information from HDF5 to the TDM data model. Please refer to the DIAdem or DataPlugin help for more details on programming DataPlugins.
Note: The HDF5 DataPlugin needs to be installed to use this HDF5_Example DataPlugin.


File Extension: *.H5; *.HDF; *.HDF5; *.HE5
Direction: Read / ---
Last Change: March 1, 2018
Update Information: New example




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HDF5 DataPlugin needs to be installed to use the HDF5_Example DataPlugin.
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