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This DataPlugin supports reading/importing of HDF5 formatted files. To map the HDF5 data to the TDM model and use the DataFinder, please also install the HDF5_Example DataPlugin.

Using both DataPlugins will allow you to navigate through the HDF5 hierarchy, inspect meta data, and load data sets and values, as well as map the information from HDF5 to the TDM data model. 

Supported Features:

  • HDF5 version 1.10
  • Reading of scalar and vector values
  • Reading of compound data sets
  • Reading of Int64 bulk data
  • Reading of Int8 data type

To navigate through an HDF5 file, use the DIAdem NAVIGATOR, browse to the specific HDF5 file, and right-click to open it by choosing "Open as Data Store". Drill down the HDF5 structure and select specific data sets and values for loading.

To use HDF5 files in DataFinder and LabVIEW Storage VIs and to drag&drop load into DIAdem, you need to create a tailored DataPlugin, see HDF5_Example for details. 

Use the HWS DataPlugin in combination with the HDF5 DataPlugin to load NI-SCOPE HWS files.


This DataPlugin is available for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.


File Extension: *.H5; *.HDF; *.HDF; *.HE5
Direction: Read / ---
Last Change: November  6, 2018 []
Update Information:
  • Updated to HDF5 version 1.10




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Customer Reviews
2 Reviews | Submit your review

Plugins on 64bit  - Mar 7, 2013

Only a few C++ DataPlugins, such as TDM, TDMS and CSV are ported to 64bit so far - unfortunately not the HDF5 DataPlugin. All VBS DataPlugins (including those for processing XLS(X) files) - which are 90% of all DataPlugins on ni.com/dataplugins - can be used on 64bit Windows.

Does not function in Labview 64-bit  - Sep 26, 2012

I discovered conclusively after 2 weeks of discussing with a support representative that this dataplugin does not work in 64-bit versions of Labview. In fact that most if not all dataplugins will not function in 64-bit Labview. Yet another product that I have discovered incompatable with Labview 64-bit. I would be very excited to hear that NI increases its efforts to fully support its products on 64-bit platforms.

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