Dynamically Add, Delete and Configure WSN Nodes on the NI 9792 or NI 9795 Programmable WSN Gateway

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This application provides a single interface to dynamically add, delete and configure WSN nodes on the NI 9792 or NI 9795 gateway.

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  1. Dynamically Add, Delete and Configure WSN Nodes on the NI 9792

1. Dynamically Add, Delete and Configure WSN Nodes on the NI 9792

The goal of this application is to provide a single interface to add, delete and configure WSN nodes on the NI 9792 or NI 9795. 

Normally, you would use Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) or the NI Network Browser to add/delete WSN nodes. These nodes will then populate in your LabVIEW project, where you can drag-and-drop I/O variables to extract WSN data from your application. This example eliminates the need to configure your network in MAX or the NI Network Browser:  By using the NI-WSN Host API, you can now dynamically add and delete WSN nodes from a NI 9792 or NI 9795 gateway.

Moreover, properties for WSN nodes are normally configured by right clicking a node in the LabVIEW project and selecting properties. But you can perform these operations programatically using the WSN Dynamic Configuration.

Application Architecture

The Real-Time application architecture is based on a state machine and provides a remote front panel that is accessible over the network. We used both WSN Gateway and WSN Node references to add/delete WSN nodes on the NI 9792.  The application also uses the NI Shared Variable Enginge (SVE) I/O Variables to configure each connected node. The application logs the WSN node configuration so that nodes can be automatically re-configured in case of reboot. 

In addition to using the SVE I/O Variables, data from analog and digital I/O from the WSN nodes can be obtained using the NI Publish-Subscribe Protocol (NI-PSP). The SVE uses the data transfer protocol to write and read live data. The base URL for acquiring data is in the following format: 

ni.var.psp://<IP address or localhost>/<Node>....

From this URL address data variables can be obtained in different application running over the network. 

How to use this application

To run this application on your system, open the WSN_Application.lvproj and change the IP address of the NI 9792 to match your system. Disable any security options on the gateway. Then deploy the Real-Time application on your gateway and set it to run as startup. The remote front panel is embedded to the RT application and is available when the application is started (the user LED turns ON). Open an Internet Explorer window and enter the following URL: http://<Gateway IP address>:8000/wsn_app.html. You can now add, delete and, configure WSN nodes on the gateway. This application is specifically written for the NI 9792 but can be used with a CompactRIO controller along with the NI 9795 gateway.


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