Sound Intensity Example in LabVIEW

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This example demonstrates how to make a sound intensity measurement using LabVIEW. It requires the Sound and Vibration Toolset to be installed.

This example uses LabVIEW and the Sound and Vibration Toolset to implement a sound intensity measurement.  There are several ways to compute sound intensity and this example uses the time domain outputs of octave filter banks so the results can be present in an octave spectrum.

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Customer Reviews
3 Reviews | Submit your review

Ver.14.0, bug report  - May 12, 2015

does not run on LabVIEW version 14.0. The problem might be, that n-octave analysis returns different dt for each band what the multi-channel integration VI does not comply with. A quick adjustment would be to substitute multi-channel VI in the sound intensity VI for a for loop with single-channel integral from Sound & Vibration Library. Then it runs, but integrates over different dts. So probably the Octave analysis should be fixed to return the same dt for each band.

  - May 18, 2010

or even convert it to 8.5. Thanks!

  - Apr 27, 2010

Can someone convert it to 8.6. thanks

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Sound Intensity Example - DAQm



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