SVT and NI-SCOPE: Transient Analysis

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Perform a transient analysis on digitizer data acquired with NI-SCOPE using the Sound and Vibration Toolkit (SVT).

Sound and Vibration Toolkit & NI-SCOPE: Transient Analysis
This VI continuously acquires data from the specified channel of a high-speed digitizer. The data is scaled to engineering units and the power spectrum is computed and posted to an intensity chart.

Use this example to investigate the time evolution of the frequency content of the acquired signal as the signal changes.

This example demonstrates the compatibility between NI-SCOPE and SVT. It is a good illustration of how to modify other SVT examples to work with NI-SCOPE.

NOTE: Due to the hardware differences between DAQ/DSA devices and digitizers, not all SVT examples can be modified to work with NI-SCOPE.

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NI-Scope SVT: Transient Analys



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