Traffic Light Example for NI Digital Electronics FPGA Board Using Xiinx ISE and VHDL

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This example demonstrates the creation of a traffic light controller using the NI Digital Electronics FPGA Board with Xilinx ISE and VHDL.

A demonstration of this example can be seen in the webcast for the NI Digital Electronic FPGA Board using Xilinx ISE tools .

Traffic Light Example using Xilinx ISE Tools and VHDL

This is a free downloadable example to be used with the NI Digital Electronics FPGA Board and Xilinx ISE software.  This program serves as an example of a student project that implements a traffic light controller of the FPGA.  To run this program, download and unzip the file from the link above and run the Traffic Light.ise Xilinx project file.  From the project you can compile and download the program to an NI Digital Electronics FPGA Board, this will require having the Digital Electronics FPGA Board installed and connected to the system. 

The Traffic controller used buttons BTN0 and BTN1 as walk button inputs and Led's LD0 through LD7 to represent the two traffic lights and walk/stop pedestrian lights.  


Please open the attached LabVIEW FPGA files to begin!

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