Serial Write One Character at a Time.

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Some instruments can only handle a single Byte(ASCII Character) at a time, and not the full string. This example provides a VI as a drop in replacement for the VISA write.

This example provides a VI, one-at-a-time.VI ,that will break your string to write down into a series of individual bytes to write out one at a time at an interval specified by the user. 

To demonstrate the use of this VI, there is a example program based off of the LabVIEW Basic Serial Read Write Example found in the example finder. Here the VISA write has been replace by One at a Time.VI. This could also be dropped into any other VISA serial program.

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Solved my problem  - Mar 14, 2014

This code solved a nagging problem I had where most devices I was talking to would work fine, but occasionally, one would fail. Now they all work. Thanks!

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Basic Serial Write 1 Byte at a




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