Reach Technology Color Touch Serial LCD Example

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Reach Technology Inc. creates color touch LCD products that are interfaced directly through an RS232 serial port. Because of the serial interface, interacting with and controlling one of this displays is possible using simple NI-VISA communication and instrument driver like commands. You can control these serial based LCD displays directly from LabVIEW Real-Time running on National Instruments embedded hardware platforms, such as CompactRIO and NI Single-Board RIO. The serial based LCD enables an interactive, color touch user interface for real-time and non-x86 based embedded systems.

The following example proof of concept was written by Endeavor Engineering for Reach Technology.  This example communicates over RS232 on a Windows PC or any LabVIEW Real-Time target with a serial port.  The example uses simple VISA commands to instantiate multiple pages of an embedded user interface (UI).  The UI displays analog voltages on a meter and chart, quadrature encoder position, and controls 8 digital lines.  The FPGA based portion of the code is compiled to run directly on the hardware included in the LabVIEW Embedded Platform Evaluation Kit coupled with a Reach Technologies 4.3" development kit (SLCD43).

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