SoftMotion 2.1 Servo PID Tuning Reference Example

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Note: This example has generic structures and code that make it an applicable utility for general servo PID tuning on LabVIEW FPGA targets. The PID FPGA VI implemented in this example is available with SoftMotion Development Module 2.1 and earlier LabVIEW examples - however, it can be replaced with the standard PID code available with LabVIEW FPGA. This example is not intended for later versions of NI SoftMotion.

Tuning servos normally entails viewing the details of a step response to evaluate chosen PID gains. This utility provides a host VI that displays a step response graph along with various performance calculations such as rise time, settling time, peak time, and max overshoot to aid in choosing optimal PID gains (see figure 1).

Figure 1. Front Panel of host tuning VI

The FPGA code consists of a PID control loop and a feedback loop (see figure 2).

Figure 2. FPGA PID Code with quadrature encoder feedback

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