Reading TDM/TDMS Files with The MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB® Software

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The TDM MATLAB Example shows how to read TDM and TDMS files from within the MATLAB® from THE MathWorks software environment.

Supported Features:

  • Consists of TDM C DLL and adapted C-header file (nilibddc_m.h) to be used in conjunction with MATLAB®


DIRECTION: Read / ----

LAST CHANGE: May, 2010



Installation Instructions

  1. Download the attached zip file referenced in this document titled
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file
  3. Examine the folder “Examples”

Important: Please follow the licensing and installation instructions in the files license.rtf and Readme.txt which are part of this download.

MATLAB® is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

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Customer Reviews
22 Reviews | Submit your review

No information about how to change the header - Jul 25, 2017

It is impossible to find documentation about how to define the header or modify the .m file in case other files or type of data (like float) is created. It works perfectly with the example only.

Error using R2017a - Jul 12, 2017

I am using R2017a. I can run the sine example just fine, but when I try to run a .tdms file, I get the following error: The datatype and size of the value must be defined before the value can be retrieved. Error in ReadFile (line 57) disp(['File Description: ' char(filedesc.Value)]); My guess is that this is due to the version I am using. Any ideas for work-arounds?

TDMS support for Matlab on Mac OS - Jun 27, 2017

User built TDMS converter tools have been used to convert TDMS files to MAT for use in Matlab, but are not consistent with results. This utility is built on libraries which should be more robust, but these libraries are built on Windows platforms. Can you provide the libraries to be able to run the TDMS conversion on a Mac OS?

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