Archived: DCPower 1.2 and later Parallel Modules for Current

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This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments.

Combining two PXI 4110 power supplies in parrallel allows for an increase in the current being sourced. It is important to note, that the PXI 4130 SMU should not be used in this way, since one of the power supplies will be sinking the current to maintain the current setting. The PXI 4110 being a 2 quadrant power supply will simply source the set current values.

Please see the following document for a connection diagram.

Parallel Channels for Higher Current (multi-module)

The main difference between the attached code, is that in NI-DCPower 1.2 and later you can explicitly configure the poer supply to be a voltage or current source.  The capabilities of the supply are the same, but the way you program the driver was modified to make it clearer when the device was working as a current source, and when it was working as a voltage source.

The attached code uses this new function niDCPower Output Configuration to get the user to set the device as a voltage supply or current supply.  The code then uses case structures based on the user input and allows the user to then set the current or voltage.

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