CANopen Basics for USB 8473

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This example shows how to do basic CANopen operations like NMT, SDO and PDO with NI USB 8473 devices.

One example shows how to write and read PDOs to write and read values to or from a CANopen device. The second example shows how to write and read SDOs to change or read device parameters.

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Customer Reviews
3 Reviews | Submit your review

The download VI are not completed. Missing some OBD files.  - Feb 4, 2016

The download VI are not completed. Missing some OBD files.

CANopen LabVIEW Library with USB CAN  - Sep 10, 2009

The LabVIEW Library partuially depends on so called objects from NI-CAN the under laying driver. The USB devices from NI for CAN do not support these Objects. They are mostly used for specific write actions for SDOs , PDOs and Sync, whenever you need to maintain a periodic cycle. You could use the NI-SPY that comes with the NI-CAN driver and log the API calls to see when objects are used. You can identify them as CANx::STDxx where CANx is the CAN port and XX is the ID.

Info  - May 14, 2009

This "CANopen Basics for USB 8473" is a very nice and simple, but I also experimented with the "CANopen LabVIEW Library" together with the USB 8473, and found it at least partly functional. Is it possible to determine which part of the library is functional and which are not?

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