Rosette Strain Gauge Calculation VI

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This VI calculates principal strains and maximum shear strains in a 2D plane. It also calculates the directions of these strains. This VI is designed to be used as a subVI for a project involving the acquisition of strain data from a Rosette pattern of gauges. However, this VI can also be run in LabVIEW as a stand-alone VI that acts as a simple strain calculator. The inputs to this VI are three strain readings and three angles from a Rosette. The outputs of this VI are two principal strains, minimum and maximum, the two angles to those strains, the maximum shear strain and the angle to that shear strain.

Rosette Strain Gauge Definitions:

The inputs of this VI are pictured below. The outputs of this VI use the same conventions of the X-Y plane pictured below. The strain from gauges A, B and C are εA, εB andεC. The theta to gauges A, B and C are ΘA¸ ΘB and ΘC.

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Rosette Calculator VI



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