How to Insert a LabVIEW Control Image into a TestStand Report

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All LabVIEW controls can output image data that can be saved to file; this example shows how to save a chart image to file and insert this image in a TestStand report.

This example program illustrates the process of including an image representing a Waveform Chart in your post-execution report. This program first gets the directory to which the execution's report will be saved. Next it calls the included LabVIEW .VI that generates a chart and saves its image data to the same directory as the report will be saved, serializing the image name to match the UUT's serial number, if one was entered.

The included virtual instrument simply logs 1000 random points to a waveform graph and uses the image data from the chart to write to a .PNG file.


  • Ensure that your report format is set to the HTML Document or XML Document type by navigating to Configure» Report Options... and selecting HTML Document or XML Document from the Report Format Combo Box.


For simplicity's sake, this example shows the VI's Front Panel when called. This is due to the fact that the waveform chart's image data is only updated when the control is visible. This can be avoided by different programming techniques, but for the purposes of this simple example program this is the easiest way to achieve the desired results with the smallest amount of code.

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