Optical Character Recognition (OCR) First Example

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This example shows how to use the optical character recognition (OCR) VIs in NI Vision. OCR is the process by which a machine vision application reads text and/or characters in inspection images. First, use the OCR Training Interface to teach your application the characters you want to read. The OCR Training Interface creates an OCR session file, which you then use to read characters that you have learned.

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This example requires LabVIEW and is included with the Vision Development Module. Download the Vision Development Module Evaluation to try this example. After installing the software, open LabVIEW and navigate to Help » Find Examples... » Toolkits and Modules.

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1 Review | Submit your review

Code not up to standards taught in LabVIEW Core I & II  - Jul 6, 2010

Why did you use stacked sequence structures? A much better chould for the architecture would be a User Event Structure and stated base architecture. That would make this code much more readable and adaptable for use in other projects.

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