Reference Example for Reading and Writing Calibration Information to Virtual TEDS Files

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The IEEE TEDS standard allows for calibration information to be included in the TEDS file.

**The accompanying code represents a very specific use case for NI products. For more general examples, please refer to, the LabVIEW Example Finder, or the NI driver help files that come with every NI driver.

There are two ways to use TEDS with sensors.  A TEDS-compatible sensor will have its TEDS information stored on the sensor itself, but if you don't have a TEDS-compatible sensor, you can use a virtual TEDS file.

The attached VIs show how to create virtual TEDS files in LabVIEW.

You can find more information on TEDS at
The instructions for installing the TEDS library can be found on KnowledgeBase 3CO9BO8O.

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