Stacking PXI 4110 Channels for Higher Voltage Range

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You can stack the channels of the PXI-4110 to create a single 46 volt (V) supply. To create a single 46V supply, use a jumper between the positive terminal of the +6V channel (ch0) and the negative terminal of the -20V channel (ch2) to stack the channels. You can stack these channels because channels 1 and 2 are referenced to a floating ground which can be biased above the +6V channel.

Figure 1: Connection diagram for stacking PXI-4110 channels

Figure 1: Connection diagram for stacking PXI-4110 channels


In this example, the PXI-4110 is used as a voltage supply.  Connect the PXI-4110 channels as shown in Figure 1 and run the attached LabVIEW VI.  If the 46 volts needs to be provided at a current higher than 200 mA, you must connect an APS-4100 auxiliary power to the aux power input. 


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Current limit....  - Apr 19, 2011

What would be the current that can be sourced from this configuration. can I use it for a 13.5V @ 2A configuration?

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PXI 4110 46v Power Supply



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