CVT Client Communication (CCC) Reference Library

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In distributed applications using the current value table (CVT) there is a fundamental need to pass CVT data between hosts. This document describes one method of communication between CVT instances using a TCP/IP client/server protocol.

As an example, this document uses a machine control system consisting of a machine controller and an HMI. It assumes the reader is generally familiar with the machine control reference architecture. Throughout this document the term client refers to the device that serves as the HMI and the term server refers to the device that contains the logic and I/O for handling the machine control.

This attached file contains an installer for the CVT Client Communication (CCC) reference library, which provides a LabVIEW application programming interface for communication between CVT instances in a distributed system.

The CVT Client Communication (CCC) Library contents has been moved to

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Customer Reviews
2 Reviews | Submit your review

Its a great tool  - Feb 22, 2017

I want to write tag in one place and read the value in two different running on two different system. please share your suggestions.

Out of date  - Jan 21, 2014

This article (4/4/11) is years out of date with the latest release of CCC, and it fails to represent the implementation and interfaces of the current revision. When will it be updated?

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