Benchmarking Reading Rate and Resolution of the FlexDMM Architecture

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This example gives a clear understanding of the DMM measurement cycle and how to take advantage of the FlexDMM architecture to maximize performance. The program also contains the ability to log data in order to compare performance under different configurations.
To use the benchmarking utility follow these steps: 1. Run the VI 2. Select the simulate boolean or the descriptor of the device you wish to use. 3. Press "GO" You will see the reading rate for the configuration selected. To update the configuration after making a modification, press the "Refresh" button. Note: The VI will not report the Resolution and Sensitivity if a simulated device is being used. To take a snapshot of the configuration and the performance acheived, press the "Record" button. Recomendations: To determine the perfomance of the DMM excluding all other sources of noise, use an insulated banana plug for all benchmarks.

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