NI-DAQmx: Continuous Thermocouple Measurement Using a SCC-TC0x Device

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This VI acquires thermocouple measurements from a TC0x on input channels.

Instructions for Running:
1. Enter the list of physical channels, and set the attributes of the Thermocouple configuration connected to all the channels. The 'Maximum Value' and 'Minimum Value' inputs specify the range, in the specified units, that you expect of your measurements.
2. Run the VI.

Block Diagram Steps:
1. Create a Thermocouple input task for your thermocouple channels.
2. Set timing parameters. Note that sample mode set to Continuous Samples.
3. Call the Start VI to start the acquisition.
4. Read the Waveform data in a loop until the user hits the stop button or an error occurs.
5. Call the Clear Task VI to clear the Task. Use the popup dialog box to display an error if any.

I/O Connections Overview:
Make sure your signal input terminal matches the Physical Channel I/O control.

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