Combined Measurements with NI PXI Switch Modules and High-Speed Digitizers

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This example combines the NI PXI Switch modules and High-Speed digitizers together in a single VI. Users can use any multiplexers in scanning mode with a PXI High-Speed digitizer card.

The project uses VIs from NI-Scope and NI-Switch APIs. Before running the VI, users should choose the correct topology for the switch module and connect the COM port to the channels accordingly based on the scan list. The "Number of Acquisitions" parameter on the front panel determines how many switch operations occur when the VI runs; the "Scan List" parameter is a string indicating the sequence of switch operations to perform. For more details about the syntax of channel strings, please refer to the NI-Switch Help Manual.

To synchronize the switch and digitizer, the digitizer is set to accept a digital trigger from the TTL0 line of the PXI backplane. The switch module is set to send the Scanner Advanced output to the same TTL line and to accept software triggering. Each time a switch operation occurs, it triggers a digitizer acquisition. Once the digitizer acquisition completes, a software trigger is sent to move to the next channel.

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