Archived: Move Selected by IF_ELSE Structure

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This example has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments.

EXAMPLE: Move Selected byIF_ELSE Structure

This FlexMotion example demonstrates the implementation of an IF ... ELSE... conditional statement in an onboard program. A move is executed on a specified axis to one of two target positions depending upon the relationship between the current position on the axis an a threshold position value.

Application Software: LabVIEW 5.0.x
Hardware: FlexMotion controller
Driver Software: FlexMotion Software 4.0

One-axis motion system.

(0) Initialize the FlexMotion controller before running this VI.
(1) Select the program number you want to store, axis to use, target position if past threshold, target position if not past threshold, and threshold value from the front panel.
(2) Run the VI to store the program. (The program will not be executed at this time.)
(3) You can then run the program you have stored by calling the run_prog.flx function with the appropriate program number.

(a) You should read the following items before writing FlexMotion onboard programs:
(1) The Onboard Programs section of the FlexMotion Hardware User Manual (page 4-9 in the November 1998 edition).
(2) The section about onboard variables in your FlexMotion Software Reference Manual (pages 4-11 and 4-12 in the November 1998 edition)
(3) You will find the chapter of the FlexMotion Software Reference Manual concerning the Onboard Programming functions to be an invaluable reference resource (Chapter 12 of the November 1998 edition) along with the online help for the VI functions.

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Move Selected by IF_ELSE Struc



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