M Series: Correlated Digital Output with Analog Output Sample Clock

Publish Date: Sep 06, 2006 | 4 Ratings | 4.00 out of 5 | Print | Submit your review
The M Series data acquisition products include the capability to synchronize digital input and output with other operations. "Correlated Digital IO" enables the coupling of buffered digital tasks with the analog, counter/timer, or external clocks. The Digital subsystem of an M Series device does not have its own internal clock source, and therefore, an external signal or clock from another subsystem on the board must be provided - thus correlating the digital data to this signal.

This example demonstrates how to continuously output analog data while synchronously outputting correlated digital data on an M Series DAQ device. The synchronized outputs use the same onboard sample clock, ao/SampleClock. After the outputs have been configured and started, data is continuously written until an error occurs or the stop button on the front panel of this VI is pressed.

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