Using VISA to Access the Parallel Port in LabVIEW

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This example uses VISA to write data to the parallel port. NI-VISA 1.1 was the first version that supported parallel communications. If you have an earlier version, this example will not work. When using the parallel port, pins 2-9 are data pins with pin 9 being the most significant bit. Also, pins 11 (printer busy) and 12 (printer out of paper) must be grounded to transmit data.

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Customer Reviews
8 Reviews | Submit your review

It works great  - May 7, 2014

Is ther a way to read the input state for the input Acknowledge (pin 10) and Select (pin 13)

i can get input from parallel port  - Sep 13, 2013

i tired to work with this and nothing works, i used visual basic and it works like babydoll but i can make it with labview!

Controlling 3 stepper motors with LabView via the parallel port  - Aug 26, 2013

Hello! Need to control 3 stepper motors through the parallel port using LabView. I saw some information on how to use the parallel port, but I need to use it bit by bit, or need to send a bit driver will power regarding speed, the other for the direction of rotation and other related will enable the axis. All this 3 times, they are 3 axes. Do you have any examples for this type of communication?

3rd Party Parallel Port Card  - May 29, 2013

Hello. I have a problem accessing the parallel port using, or the example in 203540.llb. I am using a 3rd party card for my parallel port. I cannot see or set the device address in the Device Manager (Windows 7). I think it is automatically set by software. The VISA example does see the port, but I keep getting a time out warning. I am using LabVIEW 11 and NI VISA 5.1. Am I wasting my time trying to use this example to talk to this card? Thank you, Richard V

How to access to higher address  - Jan 7, 2010

This example is great for using VISA to access at the base address of // port output (0x378h). How it's possible to access to the other output port at the address (0x37Ah) of the // port with VISA structure.

labview  - Oct 23, 2005

labview is a power tools for all hmi.

-  - Nov 9, 2003

hellow I want to handshake whit Bydirectoinal printer port whit LV6.1. Please help me. thanks a lot.

I like labview  - May 16, 2003

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