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This DataPlugin supports reading / importing of HIOKI data files written by HIOKI HICORDER.

The following models are supported by the DataPlugin:

8826, 8827, 8835, 8835-01, 8841, 8842,
8860, 8860-50, 8861, 8861-50,
8807, 8808,
Memory HiCORDER 8847,8847, MR8740, MR8741, MR8827
MR8827, MR8847, MR8875, MR8880
MEMORY HiLOGGER 8423, 8430 and LR8400
Wireless Loggers LR8410 and LR8416

Supported features:

  • Channels are created as waveforms.
  • Data scaling factor is determined from the resolution of the amplifier.
  • X-axis start time in relation to the data acquisition. The unit is converted to seconds if possible. This makes the data comparable to the ASCII output of the HIOKI viewers.
  • Unit name for signals. The "Signal character" from the channel header is used and attached to each channel.
  • Handling of "Vernier coefficient". This coefficient is given as percentage value and applied to the channel scaling.
  • Files with more than one raw data block.
  • Calculation waveform channel.
  • Length-undefined channels in other raw data chunks.
  • Use property "ScalingUnit" as "unit".

The file extension might differ depending on the different HIOKI hardware.

File Extension: *.MEM, *.REC
Direction: Read / ---
Last Change: November 28, 2017
Update Information:
  • Added support for Wireless Loggers LR8410 and LR8416





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