LabVIEW PDA Module Examples for Reading and Writing TEDS

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These VIs demonstrate reading and writing select parameters of a Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) of a sensor, as defined by the proposed IEEE P1451.4 standard, using a Palm PDA. For more information regarding IEEE P1451.4, smart sensors, and the downloadable TEDS LabVIEW library, refer to the National Instruments Plug and Play Sensors Program link below. These VIs were created by looking through the template file of a particular sensor and then programming that specific translation. See the related link, An Overview of IEEE 1451.4 Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS), for more information regarding template files. In addition to the standard templates for accelerometers and microphones, translations for templates 0, 12, and 24, which are pre-existing versions, are provided in these VIs. Parameters read include all of the Basic TEDS, sensitivity, calibration date, calibration initials (if applicable), calibration period (if applicable), measurement location ID, and user data. You can modify the measurement location ID and the user data.

The hardware required consists of a Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor DS9097U Universal 1-Wire COM Port Adapter or equivalent to connect serially to the PDA. This adapter converts serial data to and from the 1-Wire protocol used to communicate with the EEPROM of the TEDS sensor. For a Palm, the Tower Technologies TT2301 iReader provides this interface. The iReader features an RJ-11 port, so you may need an additional adapter to connect the sensor.

Included in the zipped file are a readme document, and the reading and writing VIs along with their corresponding .prc files for execution on a Palm. Refer to the readme for instructions on how to use these example programs. For more information on implementing your portable TEDS solution, see the Reading and Writing TEDS with the LabVIEW PDA Module link below.

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Customer Reviews
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VI for USB,1-wire   - Jun 28, 2004

I would like to use the DS9490 (USB) by Maxim/DS instead of the DS9097 (RS232). Someone else has already made this comment, but I'm interested in this as well. Please email me if these vi's are available somewhere (I haven't had any luck finding them). Thank you

VI for USB,1-wire  - Nov 18, 2003

I find the whole topic very interesting. I would like you build VIs to manage also the DS9490 by Maxim/DS in order to use the USB port instead of the RS232. Thank you

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