TEAC_TAFFMat DataPlugin

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This DataPlugin supports reading / importing of TEAC recorder TAFFMat files.

TAFFMAT (TEAC Data Acquisition File Format) files are written by several data recorders from TEAC, for example, WX-7000, LX-10/20, and GX-1. The file extension of the main data file is *.DAT, which always has an associated header file with the file extension *.HDR.

Supported Features:

  • File extensions in numbered TEAC TAFFMat style (*.DAT à *.D01, *.D02, ...) and (*.HDR à *.A01, *.A02, ...)
  • Uses x_offset property in x-axis waveform parameter


File Extension: *.DAT (*.D01;*.D02; ... *.D12)
(*.HDR;  *.A01, *.A02, ... *.A12)
Direction: Read / ---
Last Change: December 6, 2017
Update Information: Included reading of data type eI32 for LONG






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