USB RAW Interrupt Communication in Visual C#

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This example demonstrates how to access interrupt data from an NI-VISA USB RAW device. It is designed to only work with USB RAW devices.

To run this example, install a USB RAW device and configure Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) to recognize the USB device (see Tutorial: Using NI-VISA 3.0 to control Your USB Device at After the USB RAW device is successfully installed and configured, and you have opened a session to the device and enabled interrupts, the interrupts are displayed in the text box.

This example allows users to retrive interrupt data in a USB interrupt event. The user enables an USB interrupt and the interrupt data is displayed in the "Data" field. Click "Clear" to clear the data.

To read interrupt data in another device, close the session to the current device, select another device from the VISA resource name control, and open a session to it.

When complete, close the application to end execution.

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