Kyowa_KS2 DataPlugin

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This DataPlugin supports the reading and writing of Kyowa binary files of type KS2.

The Kyowa binary files of type KS2 are written by the following Kyowa hardware:

PCD-300A/B, PCD-301B, PCD-320A/B, PCD-330B-F, PCD-331B-F, EDX-2000A/B, EDX-3000A, EDX-100A, EDS-400A, UCAM-550A


Supported Features:

  • CAN Data Channels
  • Shift-Jis character coding
  • Writing Kyowa_KS2 binary files


DataPlugins for other Kyowa hardware:

Kyowa_KS1 EDX-1500A, PCD-300A, PCD-320A, DBU-120A
Kyowa_KU UCAM-60A/B, UCAM-65A/B, UCAM-70A, UCAM-20PC, UCAM-500A/B
Kyowa_RTM UCAM-60A/B, UCAM-65A/B, UCAM-70A
Kyowa_E4A ECAN-40A



Japanese DIAdem Home Page

File Extension: *.KS2
Direction: Read / Write
Last Change: November 19, 2019 [19.0.07628]
Update Information: Added "Write" capability




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