Use the FlexDMMs' 1.8 MS/s Digitizer Capability to Make Power Measurements

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Power measurements are accomplished by reading the voltage across, and current through, a load. However, the actual power calculation depends on the resistive and reactive components (capacitors and/or inductors) in the circuit. The power dissipation in a purely resistive circuit is always a function of the voltage drop and current draw through the circuit. Since DMMs are single-channel devices, two must be employed to implement a high-speed power measurement.

This VI illustrates how to configure two NI PXI-4070 FlexDMMs to make power measurements using their 1.8MS/s digitizer capability. The VI configures one FlexDMM to acquire voltage waveforms and configures the second FlexDMM to acquire a current waveform. The VI then uses built-in LabVIEW analysis routines to calculate the Real Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor, and Phase of the acquired signals.

The attached .zip archive contains a set of VIs, most of which are in a folder called "subVIs." The top-level application is called ""

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