How Can I Read Excel Data Into LabVIEW?

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This example demonstrates how to use LabVIEW and ActiveX to programmatically read in Excel data. The user can specify a workbook and a specific worksheet, and then specify a range of cells in that sheet to read the data from. The data can be interpreted as string or numeric data, or 2D arrays of those.

The example is built to be modular, meaning that specific subVI's open and close workbooks and worksheets. This allows the user to iterate tasks, such as reading multiple ranges from a spreadsheet before closing it, or reading various spreadsheets in a loop before closing a workbook.

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Customer Reviews
24 Reviews | Submit your review

Dead link to the example LLB file  - Dec 7, 2015

Looks like the LLB file has been moved from the FTP server. Could someone help with an active link ?

unknow error occurs  - Nov 19, 2015

Firt great work! Very useful vi! I tried to open in the same time two pages of the same spreadsheet copying copying the code in the same block diagram, starting from the same file path. After the run of the vi an unknow error occurs. How i can import in the same time two pages of the same spreadsheet? Thank you

Errors downloading example VIs  - Mar 3, 2015

Whenever I try to download a VI, I get binary gibberish.

examples!  - Feb 5, 2015

No idea on how to use the VIs, getting erro -2146827284 when requesting the data from excel, an example would be great thanks

Read mutilple Excel files in Labview  - Mar 2, 2014

1  - Oct 10, 2013

good program

Great job!  - Jul 26, 2013

Excellent program. It is just what I was looking for. Simple, effective and clean. Good job!!

  - Feb 8, 2013

I downloaded this and it worked the first time. But for some strange reason it stopped working after some time(I only tested it out with different files and formats...) The error i get is : Unknown System Error in Any idea what's wrong? Did I accidently break something ? I tried deleting the whole file and even downloading it again, but it doesnt work anymore...

Read In Data  - Jul 17, 2012

I need to read in data to labview from an excel spreadsheet, but I'm not sure how. What exactly is supposed to be in the different fields of Refnum Cluster In and Refnum Cluster Out???

  - Jan 11, 2012

The example works well reading strings in LV 2011

  - Sep 28, 2011

Has onyone confirmed functionality with the newer Office Products (2007 - 2011)?

Works fine  - Feb 2, 2011

Saved loads of time. Let me grab all the data I needed quickly and efficiently. Using: LabView 8.5.1Professional and Excel 2003

I like it  - May 5, 2010

It works very good. It saved me a good amout of time. Thanks

Read Excel Great  - Feb 13, 2010

Excellent to start apps with Excel data reading. Thanks

how to read the whole sheet?  - Nov 19, 2009

how to read the whole Excel sheet without the row or column index?

  - Sep 27, 2009

Excellent for anyone learning how to work with Excel in side of LabView

  - Sep 2, 2009

Works Great. (Had to right click-> relink node in the open_workbook. vi) Awesome example.

good one  - Jul 13, 2009

This is what i needed at this time. Good VI.

  - Dec 30, 2008

Excellent Stuff. This is exactly what I needed at this hour.. Great VI ;)

Great conversion vi  - Apr 2, 2008

Running Labview 8.5 on XP with Excel 2003. No problems works like a dream

Well done  - Jan 11, 2008

Best working example yet. I love ActiveX, but don't nearly have the time to play with it ... and there is a LOT to play with.

Perfect!  - Jun 12, 2007

That's exactly what I was looking for. Worked till now 100% of the cases. I'm using a LabView 8.2.1 Professional Development System and Excel 97.

The example works well  - Jan 15, 2007

The example works well. Tested with LV 8.2 and Excel 2003.

doesn't run  - Sep 7, 2006

the is broken.

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