Generating I2S Serial Format Data

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Generates a sine wave and convert it into 16 bit DIO data to be generated from an HSDIO device.

This example program generates a sine wave, converts the data to a 16-bit array, and then generates I2S format data to be generated with a high-speed digital I/O device.

The Inter IC Sound (I2S) format is a common way to send stereo data to sound-integrated circuits.

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Customer Reviews
2 Reviews | Submit your review

Performance  - Aug 23, 2010

If I want to make a program for reading and generating I2S-data. Audio data that is. What would be the average THD+N ratio? I need it to be at around -144dB. Is that possible using labview and highspeed digital IO-boards? What digital IO board would then be required for such a performance?

example performance very poor!!!  - Apr 1, 2004

wow, this clearly shows 1 way not to create I2S data, very poor performance !!! and the solutions performs worse when requesting more samples! performance increase of factor over 400 is possible, no magic used, just LV programming with arrays ;-)

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