Enabling/Disabling Dither on the NI 562x digitizer When Using the Spectral Measurements Toolset.

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The National Instruments NI 562x family of high-speed digitizers can optionally apply dither in hardware in a band spanning 150 Hz to 4 MHz. Dither is random noise added to the input signal to improve differential nonlinearities in your measurement system. When measuring signal components in the 150 Hz to 4 MHz range, however, it may be desirable to disable dither.

The Spectral Measurements Toolset (SMT) enables dither by default. If you wish to disable dither when using the SMT, do so after calling the SMT configuration functions. In LabVIEW, use the NI-SCOPE Enable Dither property to toggle dither on and off. In CVI, use the NISCOPE_ATTR_ENABLE_DITHER to turn dither on and off.

The examples attached below are identical to the shipping SMT Peak Search Examples for NI-SCOPE, with the exception of an additional front panel control to toggle dither on and off.

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SMT Peak Search Example for ni
Scope (LV) - With Dither.vi



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