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This DataPlugin supports reading / importing of European Data Format files.

The European Data Format (EDF) is a straightforward and flexible format for exchange and storage of multichannel biological signals. One EDF data file contains one continuous digitized polygraphic recording. A data file consists of a header record followed by data records.

Supported Features:

  • EDF (European Data Format) files.  
  • EDF+ files.
  • Large blocked data files.
  • Writing of EDF files.
    • All channels are saved into one channel group.
    • Saving of all numeric and waveform channels.
    • All channels must have the same channel length and the same "Waveform x-step width" property value.
    • "Waveform x-name" and "Waveform x-unit" properties will be ignored when writing to EDF file.

Non-Supported Features:

  • Annotations. Those will be supported in a later version.

This DataPlugin integrates into the NI Biomedical Startup Kit. The Biomedical Startup Kit uses the LabVIEW graphical development environment to analyze biomedical signals.


Note: This DataPlugin is available for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.


File Extension: *.REC; (*.EDF; *.EDF+)
Direction: Read / Write
Last Change: June 12, 2014 []
Update Information: Ported to 64-bit




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Customer Reviews
4 Reviews | Submit your review

Still no annotations??  - Dec 8, 2014

We got the biomedical toolkit because of its ability to generate EDF but without the annotations, it is useless. Any suggestions?

Useless without the annotations  - Nov 28, 2014

When is this simple feature will be available??

Examples  - May 31, 2012

I am finding this DataPlugin difficult to use. Are there any examples or documentation that can be provided? I tried creating a simple example that writes to EDF. But then I can't seem to read back the same EDF or append to it.

No annotations?  - Aug 11, 2011

It would be great if you could import the annotations, too. Until then, I may have to use other data vizualization tools.

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