Programmatically Obtaining GPIB Serial Number

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Using the function ibask (NI-488.2 version 2.2 or later) provided by the GPIB-32.dll, it is possible to query the GPIB interface board for its serial number. The parameter for ibask corresponds to the different pieces of information that the interface board can be queried for. Hexadecimal 23 corresponds to the serial number. It will be returned as a numeric value and can be viewed as it appears in Measurement and Automation Explorer by formatting the indicator for Hexadecimal display.

This will provide a way to verify the serial number of the GPIB board if it is necessary for logging in test applications.

Note: This VI will not function if a version of NI-488.2 prior to 2.2 is used.

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  - Jun 28, 2006

More recent versions of NI-VISA have the ability to report the serial number of a USB GPIB controller. It would be nice to have the PCI GPIB report it's serial number in the same way.

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