Configuring the DMM to Take Multiple Measurement Types in the Same Scan List

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This example program allows you to perform different measurement types on different channels of a switch and to specify the range and resolution for a specific channel list on your switch. The number of channels specifies the number of samples that the DMM acquires. This number must be a multiple of the number of channels in your scan list. Channels may be repeated in the scan list. Each measurement is separated in clusters corresponding to the cluster array of measurements.

This VI uses backplane trigger lines TTL0 and TTL1 to provide handshaking communication between the switch and the DMM. If these lines are already in use by another device, they can be changed in the code to use different lines. Make sure that the PXI system is corectly identified in MAX before running this example.


1. Verify DMM and Switch descriptor.
2. Verify Switch topology.
3. Set up the separate scan lists and DMM configurations
4. In order to add another scan, add another element to the Sequenced Switch & DMM Configuration cluster array.
5. Run the VI

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