Notification with 3 Parallel SubVIs

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This VI creates a Notifier and sends it notifications consisting of numbers flattened into a string every delay milliseconds. The VI also calls three parallel subVIs that will wait on the notifications, convert the strings back into numbers and display them.

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Customer Reviews
4 Reviews | Submit your review

Works with LV 7.1  - Dec 13, 2016

The example may be seen, and works fine with LabView 7.1 if needed with higher versions it may be converted with this intermediate step. <>

Old old old  - Aug 10, 2016

Maybe you could convert to a newer version of Labview so that it can actually be opened. All I get is an error message telling me that this version (5.0.1) is too old to be converted to 2014.

LabVIEW 2014  - Jul 8, 2016

It doesn't function with LV2014.

  - Nov 26, 2013

Maybe can you convert this to early versions of Labview ? For begginers this example would be usefull. Thanks .

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