NI-DAQmx: TCP/IP DAQ Client and Server

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This library's top-level VIs are a TCP-IP DAQmx Server and TCP-IP Client VI. With them, a user can perform data acquisition on one machine on a network and display (and, with minor alterations, stream to disk or do analysis on) the data on a remote client machine. Multiple simultaneous remote clients of the same server are supported.

The implementation here follows the connection queuing scheme demonstrated in the standard LabVIEW Date Client and Date Server VI examples.

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Nice, but... - Feb 14, 2010

Although maybe I haven't looked too closely, I can't find a reason why the global is used in the TCP server/client example that you have used. Why not just use a queue and make this more straightforward? Another thought - what if we flip this example and we have a single computer controlling multiple DAQ devices (such as PXI chassis')? How might this look then?

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