Calculating the MD5 Message-Digest of a String or File

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These VIs compute the MD5 message-digest of a string or a file using the algorithm described in RFC 1321:

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Customer Reviews
3 Reviews | Submit your review

Still works in LV 2012! - Jun 3, 2013

I needed a quick way to run this check sum on a string, this worked the first time.

 - Dec 14, 2012

Great! This is exactly what I needed!

Comment on output format - Feb 8, 2008

I got this to work and it was very helpful. An important note is that the output from this VI is a string of ASCII characters 0..9A..F which deceptively "looks like" hex. This means wiring a string-to-byte- array function onto the output string won't give what you might be expecting. This will probably only matter to those of you who are trying to implement HMAC as I finally(!) did.

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